There are two elections every year on the MCR – in Michaelmas and Easter terms. This is to ensure that there is some continuity guaranteed at every handover and also to allow MPhil students the chance to run for a role. Otherwise, the only elections would be in Easter term, when they would be about to leave.

The following positions are elected in the Easter term and serve until next Easter elections:

  • President
  • Treasurer

The following positions are elected in the either Michaelmas or Easter Term and serve for the duration of the academic year, and if not graduating until the next Michaelmas elections:

  • Vice President Internal
  • Vice President External
  • Entertainments Officer
  • Events Officer
  • Female Welfare Officer
  • Male Welfare Officer
  • Communications Officer
  • PGCE Officer

The next elections are in Michaelmas term 2016. At this time, we will post the manifestos for all interested candidates.