Looking for somewhere to live?

Living In college

Homerton aims to offer accommodation to all incoming graduate students for their first year, although this is not always possible.  Most graduates live in the new and modern Harrison House, although some also live in Queens Wing or East House.  The College has also started housing graduate students at Coleridge road from October 2014.  This house has space for five PhD students, although the rooms do vary in size.  Rooms are typically cleaned weekly, with bed linen being changed every two weeks.  The accommodation is maintained to a high standard, and problems with rooms are generally quickly dealt with.

Complete details are provided on the College website, and questions about availability, contracts and accommodation procedures are best directed at the Accommodation Office.  If, however, you have a query that you think might be better answered from a student’s perpective, do feel free to get in touch!

Living Outside College

If you are looking for accommodation outside Homerton, the best place to start is probably the University’s Accommodation website, which not only contains listings of properties belonging to other colleges and external landlords, but also provides useful information about renting in Cambridge. In addition, it tries to offer assistance for couples and families who might otherwise struggle to find accommodation through the colleges.

Other sources of property listings are listed below:

Again, if you are still a little lost after exploring some of these options, do drop us a message and we will try and direct you to the most suitable contact.