Shopping and Eating

Whether you need a new coat or are feeling a little peckish… Here are some suggestions to get you going! 


Mill Road
This is the cultural hub of Cambridge and as such here you will find small stores stocking a wide variety of ingredients not usaually found in main-stream supermarkets. The most famous store on the street is Al Amin, however there are other good shops on the street worth a visit. A must for home-sick international students from the East!

Grand Arcade & The City Centre
The shopping parts of the city centre has been redeveloped in recent years and now is a buzzing shopping area. At the heart of the redevelopment is the Grand Arcade which is an enclosed mall, but the streets around are filled with shops. Walk around and explore all the little alleys packed with small independent shops which give Cambridge a very romantic atmosphere. A highlight is the open market located on Market Street.

Grafton Centre
A short walk south-east from the Grand Arcade you will find the Grafton Centre. This is a shopping mall filled with mostly high street shops and used to be the main shopping area before the redevelopment of the Grand Arcade. Inside is also a cinema and the street outside is filled with charity shops.

Tesco express (Leisure Park)
This is a small, convenience store-style supermarket. Its proximity to college makes it the preferred store for many students. Although quite small, you will find a reasonable selection of fresh produce, groceries and bread, as well as household products and toiletries.

Opening times: 6am – 10pm daily.

Sainsbury’s Local (Leisure Park)
In a similar manner, Sainsbury’s Local is a small convenience-style store, opposite Tesco, with a wide selection of products, including a bakery!

Opening times: 7am – 11pm daily.

Essentials (opposite Leisure Park)
This store is smaller than the Tesco Express across the street but is open late in the evenings, hence perfect for students who find themselves starving at unsociable hours. Also here you will find more culturally inclined products, not found in mainstream supermarkets.

Sainsbury’s Central (city centre)
This is pretty much the only supermarket in the centre of town (with exception of M&S) and the main supermarket used Cambridge students. It is an average sized store but holds a wide selection and will usually tick most items off your grocery list.

Large Tesco
This is a large supermarket located on Newmarket Road. Although not particularly close to the college, there is a direct bus route from near the college. It is around a 30 minute journey using the number 3 bus from outside the leisure centre (going towards town).


For college residents, the most convenient place to get a meal is in the college hall. College meals can be purchased either with cash or by pre-loading money onto your Upay account. However, with Upay payment students receive a reasonable discount on all college food purchases.

Also in the vicinity of college are many restaurants and take-away options. At the Cambridge Leisure Centre is a wide range of establishments, including Indian and Chinese restaurants on the second floor (next to the cinema), Bella Italia, Pizza Hut, and Nandos. More places to can be found along Cherry Hinton Road and along Regent Street, which leads into the City Centre. Cambridge City Centre is also home to a whole host of dining options, offering a variety of cuisines at a variety of prices.

If you prefer to order food for delivery, a range of leaflets and menus from nearby restaurants that offer delivery can be found at the Porters’ Lodge.