Catering at Homerton consists of the Great Hall and the Buttery/Bar (also called the Griffin).

Great Hall Menus are available on the College website.

The Great Hall serves full meals at lunchtime and dinnertime and the Griffin serves sandwiches, drinks and snacks throughout the working day and then during part of the evening. In the evenings it turns into the College Bar.

On Tuesday evenings, Homerton holds Formal Hall. This is a three-course meal which is served to attendees, who must be dressed smartly. You most book via uPay by 2pm on the Friday before the Formal Hall you are booking for. It starts at 7:30pm and usually finishes by 9:30pm. Wine is included in the cost. You can also book in guests so that non-Homertonians can go as well.

Food can be paid for by cash, but this is expensive. As a student you can use your university card topped up with money via your uPay account to pay a lower amount. Students who live in halls (on site) will have some money automatically added to their account at the beginning of each term (called MMC – Minimum Meal Contribution).

NOTE: You need to top up via uPay even if you have MMC money if you want to buy drinks from the bar.

NOTE: When you pay at the till, as the cashier types in each purchase you are making, it will show the cost you would pay as someone external to college. The actual amount you will pay will only be shown when you touch your card to make the payment.

The Griffin Opening times

Buttery Bar
Monday – Friday 8:00am-5:30pm, 7:30-9:30pm 7-11pm
Saturday 12-9pm 7-11pm
Sunday 12-9pm 7-10:30pm


Dining Hall Opening times

Monday – Friday Lunch: 12-1:45 pm Dinner: 5:30-7:30pm*
Saturday Brunch: 12-1:30pm
Sunday Sunday Roast: 12-1:30pm

*Tuesday: Great Hall closes at 6:30pm because of Formal Hall

Why is food cheaper at other colleges?

It’s not necessarily – or at least, it’s not as simple as it might look. It’s important to explain that food might seem cheaper at other colleges, but this is partially because most of them operate a KFC (Kitchen Fixed Charge) system, where students effectively pay an upfront fee before they can actually use the catering facilities. This means that the food is cheaper when bought, but is not necessarily that much cheaper when the KFC is included.

Homerton has asked the student body if it prefers KFC to the MMC system we operate (where you pay a smaller amount which can be used to actually buy food), and the student body opted to stick with the MMC system.