International Students

globe3Homerton has an active and flourishing international student community. Our graduate students hail from all over the globe, from a wide and diverse array of countries, including China, the USA, Germany, and India, to name just a few.

The MCR aims to hold events that appeal to this diverse demographic and are always eager to take advice on ways that we can improve our inclusivity!

Visa Issues

Most students from outside the EU will require a Tier 4 – Student Visa. However, more detailed information on the ins-and-outs of Visas can be obtained from the UK Home Office and from the University. For such visa holders it is typically required to check in with the College at the start of every term. They are generally very good about informing students of such requirements in ample time, but if you have any concerns you can always get in touch with the College Tutorial Office.


English Language

While the University does not offer any kind of official English language courses, there are ways to get a little extra support if needed. The University’s Language Centre offers some courses in English for Academic Purposes. iCUSU (the ‘i’ stands for International and doesn’t relate to Apple products!) has information about other options.



For support – whether you are feeling homesick, having trouble adjusting to life in the UK, or simply want to get to know other international students – the Graduate Union maintains an International Student Officer. It is this person’s job to support overseas graduate students and ensure that they have events to attend and that all their welfare needs are met. The GU website also includes a section specifically aimed at international graduate students.

CUSU also maintains an active society for international students that can answer many of the potential questions you might have. You can consult their website here.


The MCR Committee – particularly our Welfare Officers – is also always here to offer support in any way we can. Many of us are international students ourselves and we are happy to talk with you.  Contact us through the website, or directly through our individual email addresses.