Sexual Health

C-Card Scheme:
Homerton subscribes to CUSU’s C-Card Scheme, which permits student card-holders to receive free condoms from a variety of pharmacies and other points around Cambridge, including the Homerton HUS Office, as well as Boots and Superdrug in the City Centre. The C-Card is completely free and completely confidential. You can register in the HUS Office, at which point you can receive a pack of 6 condoms. You can receive 10 such packs before you need to re-register.


Pregnancy Test Kits:
Free Pregnancy Test Kits are available from the CUSU Student Advice Service. You can apply only here and it will be delivered to your College post. The whole system is entirely confidential (they ask for a name only for the sake of delivery and ensure that your details will not be shared with anyone). Alternatively, you can contact the CUSU Women’s Rights Officer at who can obtain one for you on your behalf.


Sexual Health Screenings:
Chlamydia spreads incredibly rapidly amongst student populations. Especially since, in many cases, those infected are not even aware that they have it. Free home screening kits are available from You just post back your sample and they return your results within the next week. Easy!

For a comprehensive sexual health screening, you can also go here:
The Laurels
20 Newmarket Road
Cambridge, CB5 8DT
Phone: 08456 50 51 52

For any other information that’s not mentioned here, visit:

Or contact your HUS Welfare Officers who are always available to offer advice and support.